Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante

Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante

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1 hr 18 min
Not recommended for under 12 years.
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Laura, age 27, lives alone in the suburbs of a city. When she learns that her father is in a coma following a serious accident, she decides to visit him in hospital: at last she has an opportunity to settle her scores with the man who abused her...

Directed by: Philippe de Pierpont (Belgium/Luxembourg/France, 2011)
Cast: Erika Sainte (Laura), Jean-François Wolff (the father), Jules Werner (Rémi), Marijke Pinoy (the mother), Hervé Piron (Luc), Laurent Capelluto (Jérôme)
Genre: drama
Awards: Best promising actress Erika Sainte (2012 Magritte awards), official selection (Namur 2011, Berlin 2009)
Parental guidance: TV-14