Je ne rêve que de vous

Je ne rêve que de vous

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1 hr 38 min
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1940. Jeanne Reichenbach abandons her comfortable life to tie her destiny irrevocably to that of Léon Blum, her one great love since a teenager. Blum is in grave danger, threatened by the arrival in power of those responsible for the French Collaboration. She'll follow him all the way to Buchenwald.

Directed by: Laurent Heynemann (France, 2018)
Loosely based on "Je Vous Promets de Revenir" by Dominique Missika.
Distribution : Elsa Zylberstein (Jeanne Reichenbach), Hippolyte Girardot (Léon Blum), Émilie Dequenne (Renée), Mathilda May (Cora Madou), Grégori Derangère (Henri Reichenbach), Thomas Chabrol (Henry Torrès), Stéphane Bissot (Béatrice Bretty), Philippe Torreton (Pierre Laval), Jérôme Deschamps (Georges Mandel)
Genre: history
Awards: selected for the 2019 Angoulême Francophone Film Festival