La belle et la bête

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1 hr 52 min
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To save her father, condemned to death for having stolen a rose from the gardens of the Beast's magical domain, Belle decides to sacrifice herself. But when she arrives at the castle she discovers a strange life filled with moments of enchantment, jubilation and melancholy...

Directed by: Christophe Gans (France/Germany, 2012)
Cast: Vincent Cassel (the Beast/the prince), Léa Seydoux (Belle), André Dussollier (Belle's father), Eduardo Noriega (Perducas), Myriam Charleins (Astrid), Audrey Lamy (Anne), Sara Giraudeau (Clotilde), Jonathan Demurger (Jean-Baptiste), Nicolas Gob (Maxime), Louka Meliava (Tristan), Yvonne Catterfeld (the princess)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Best production design (2015 César awards), 9 nominations (2014 Berlinale)