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Le noyé du grand canal

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1 hr 30 min
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Drowned in the Grand Canal

1777. France and England are at war. Nicolas Le Floch, entrusted with watching the Duke of Chartres, reports the cowardice of the latter to the king. As the Duke sees the coveted title of Admiral of the Fleet escape him, he seeks revenge by undermining the credibility of the policeman...

Directed by: Philippe Bérenger (season 6, France, 2015)
Screenplay: Hugues Pagan, Philippe Bérenger, based on Jean-François Parot
Cast: Jérôme Robart (Nicolas Le Floch), Mathias Mlekuz (Bourdeau), Sava Lolov (the Count of La Borde), François Caron (Mr de Sartine), Louis Barraud (Louis XVI), Norah Lehembre (Aimée d'Arranet), Claire Nebout (La Paulet), Vincent Winterhalter (Semacgus), Thomas Chabrol (Lenoir), Franck Libert (the Duke of Chartres), Bruno Todeschini (Renard), Nicolas Vaude (Balbo)