Qu'un seul tienne et les autres suivront

Qu'un seul tienne et les autres suivront

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1 hr 55 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Stéphane received an offer that could change his life. Zohra left Algeria to investigate her son's death. Laure is in love for the first time with a young imprisoned rebel. Brought together by chance in a prison visiting room, they will each have to take destiny into their own hands...

Directed by: Léa Fehner (France, 2009)
Cast: Farida Rahouadj (Zohra), Reda Kateb (Stéphane), Pauline Étienne(Laure), Marc Barbé (Pierre), Vincent Rottiers (Alexandre), Julien Lucas (Antoine), Delphine Chuillot (Céline)
Genre: drama
Awards: several prizes, including the Michel d'Ornano Prize and the Louis-Delluc Prize for Best First Film (2009)
Parental guidance: TV-PG