From one side of Canada to the other, they are the faces of homelessness. Made in the style of a road movie, Vincent Audet-Nadeau follows the everyday lives of Pascal, Robert, Jacques, Willy-Michou... He gets them to share their experiences and takes a human look at their suffering. Interlinked depictions.


Episode 1

For 30 years Pascal has travelled the world. We discover with him the world of homelessness, people who sleep outdoors and seek and frequent shelters. There is also Robert who lives under a bridge in Ottawa, and Jacques in his tent in Vancouver. None have chosen this life...

Directed by: Vincent Audet-Nadeau (Canada, 2017)
Episode 2

In Ottawa, Robert now has a roof over his head. In Vancouver, Jack and Willy-Michou try to find their place in a booming rental market. In Calgary, Pascal went from the tallest building in the city to living in a shelter. Having started with nothing, Alison is now a millionaire.

Directed by: Vincent Audet-Nadeau (Canada, 2017)