Dans les yeux d'Olivier - vignette

Dans les yeux d'Olivier

( Season 2020 )
Olivier Delacroix offers an alternative view of our society and those who comprise it. With his characteristic willingness to listen and his profound interest in those he meets, he seeks to give a voice to those imprisoned by life's trials and traumas.

Presented by: Olivier Delacroix.


Vengeance, rumeur : ils ont dû faire face
The revenge and rumours they had to confront

Rumours always have a little look of truth about them. That's their strength and what makes them a formidable weapon for those who want to destroy someone's reputation. Since the advent of social media, they've become a tool for revenge on the internet.

Presented by: Olivier Delacroix.
Directed by: Olivier Delacroix, Arthur Hennequet (France, 2020)