Les fermiers

( Season 2 )
Following their training with Jean-Martin Fortier, a pioneer of biointensive agriculture, the market-gardeners launch their own farm whilst other trainees continue their work placement at the Quatre-Temps farm, in Hemmingford, Quebec.


Les défis de l'été
The challenge of summer

At the Quatre-Temps farm, it's time to pick the garlic scapes and experiment with compost tea. We follow Annie-Claude and Justine looking after city gardens in Montreal, and the two Vincents as they deliver their vegetable boxes.

Directed by: Maude Éthier-Boutet (season 2, Canada, 2018)
La canicule
Heat wave

It's the middle of the heat wave. La Fermette adapts its harvesting to cope with the weather. Jean-Martin uses the tractor to ridge the winter garden. We then head off to visit a farm growing organic Asian vegetables. The day ends with a true celebration of summer at La Grelinette.

Directed by: Maude Éthier-Boutet (season 2, Canada, 2018)