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( Season 2019 )
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De Gaulle, le dernier des géants
2 hr 5 min
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De Gaulle, the last of the giants

Stéphane Bern helps us discover Charles de Gaulle, a man of action as well as a devoted husband and father. Seen as the right man at the right time by some and as an autocratic megalomaniac by others, General de Gaulle influenced 20th century history like no other French leader.

With Yves de Gaulle (the general's grandson), Anne de Laroullière (the general's granddaughter), Jacques Vendroux (the general's great-nephew), Jean-Louis Debré (former president of the Constitutional Council), Roger Tessier (the general's former bodyguard), Pierre-Louis Blanc (the general's former diplomatic adviser), Admiral François Flohic (the general's aide-de-camp), François Kersaudy (historian), Alain Duhamel (journalist), Thomas Legrand (journalist), Alexandre Duval Stalla (lawyer).

Presented by: Stéphane Bern.