Sur les sentiers de l'histoire

From prehistory to the 18th century, discover France and its regions by exploring the pathways shaped by history and by those who tamed its geography.


En pays cathare
In the land of the Cathars

From the early Middle Ages to the 11th century, only the northern area of France was unified. Further south, Occitanie was a region of local independent seigniories. An era that saw the first crusades, notably the only one led on Christian soil, between Ariège and Aube, to exterminate the Cathars.

Directed by: Denis Dommel (France, 2019)
En Provence gallo-romaine
In Gallo-Roman Provence

Whilst the Gallic Wars were being fought between most of the Celtic tribes and the all-powerful Roman Empire, the south of France had already become a Gallo-Roman civilisation. What was Transalpine Gaul, or Gallia Narbonensis, is still home to major remains from the period that gave it its name, Provence.

Directed by: Denis Dommel (France, 2019)
La piste des terrils
On the trail of the slag heaps

Certain regions are carried by a history that changed them dramatically and imposed a strong identity. Such is the case of the Nord, its recent history indelibly marked by coal. We explore the area around Douai, where garden cities rub shoulders with the red-brick cathedrals of the mining towns.

Directed by: Denis Dommel (France, 2019)