The daily lives of the men and women of the ambulance services and A&E units around the world. On the site of an accident or within the hospital, a portrait of the anonymous heroes who save lives by administering essential first aid.


dans les fêtes nationales
Emergencies for the national fête days

In Israel, the Magen David Adom emergency service is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the population during the Remembrance Day and Independence Day celebrations. In Belgium, it's on the 21 July that the Belgians go out to fete their national day. And dense crowds often lead to medical emergencies.

Directed by: Éli Laliberté, Yanick Legrand, Karina Marceau (Canada, 2019)
chez les fêtards
Emergencies for the party-goers

Carnival-time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the Festival of La Mercè in Barcelona, Spain, are two major events where everyone enjoys making the most of the party atmosphere. Unfortunately the resulting joys and excesses often culminate in a large number of calls to the emergency services.

Directed by: Fabien Côté, Yanick Legrand, Robert Tremblay, Luc Cyr (Canada, 2019)