Voyages vert vous

( Season 1 )
We discover green initiatives around the world. Mindsets are shifting significantly: today, travellers are seeking a more meaningful experience and want to travel responsibly. This series examines these "new travellers", who take the opposite approach to that seen with mass tourism.


Iceland: endless ice and geothermal power for agriculture

Discovering Iceland's vast frozen landscape during winter and exploring Reykjavik. We also meet Knutur, growing fruit and vegetables year-round in his eco-friendly greenhouse thanks to geothermal heat.

Directed by: Laurie Medina (France, 2019)
Ireland, in the land of Halloween

Off the beaten track, in the Boyne Valley, Ireland's historic birthplace, we travel through a land of lush green pastures, castles and legends.

Directed by: Laurie Medina (France, 2019)