13 A TABLE-EP001-22/12/2020

13 A TABLE-EP001-22/12/2020

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2 hr 5 min
Madeleine and Antoine prepare to receive their guests for the Christmas Eve festivities. But the evening rapidly becomes a nightmare when the very superstitious mistress of the house realises there will be 13 people seated around the table! An extra guest must be found, or they'll have to cancel someone...

Author: Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon
Stage direction: Pierre Palmade
Cast: Virginie Hocq (Madeleine Villardier), Pierre Palmade (Antoine Villardier), Benjamin Gauthier (Frédéric), Sandra de Jesus (Consuela Koukousko), Christophe Canard (docteur Peloursin), Agnès Miguras (Véronique Chambond), Joffrey Platel (Jean-Charles Chambond)
Directed by: Ybao Benedetti (France, 2020)