Avec Gad Elmaleh, Michel Jonasz, Kids United, Anne Roumanoff...

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2 hr 20 min
Laury Thilleman invites us to plunge back into the 1970s, those carefree years of freedom and celebration! Singers, humorists and media personalities, everyone recounts their personal version of the 1970s and much more as well. They bring the period vividly to life for those who didn't experience it.

Guests: Gad Elmaleh, Michel Jonasz, Kids United, Anne Roumanoff, Vincent Niclo, Jeanfi Jansens, Julie Zenatti, Tom Leeb, Gérard Lenorman, Serge Lama, Daniela Lumbroso, Daniel Guichard, Enrico Macias, Régine, Jeane Manson, Christel Chollet, Jonathan Dassin...

Presented by: Laury Thilleman.