Les grandes grandes vacances

( Season 1 )
Summer 1939. Colette, 6, and Ernest, 11, spend their holidays at their grand-parents' house in Normandy. There they discover the countryside and farm life. However, they quickly face the Nazi Occupation, with its requisitions, revocations, bombings and other tragedies brought by the Second World War.

Directed by: Paul Leduc (France, 2014)


Les petits partisans
Little supporters

Autumn 1943. The date of the armistice of the First World War is approaching. Resistance is growing in the village, and the inhabitants are increasingly committed to the cause. However, this demands great caution because not everybody sees things the same way.

Director: Paul Leduc (France, 2014)
Long sobs

June 1944. The Allied landing is imminent and all the villagers are waiting for it impatiently. Everyday life continues despite this unbearable suspense. Of course, nothing will go smoothly.

Director: Paul Leduc (France, 2014)