C Jamy

( Season 1 )
Arouse our curiosity, question the everyday things that surround us to enlighten us on a wide range of subjects, including the most surprising, nothing escapes the thirst for knowledge of Jamy and his friends.

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.


Les mathématiques, c'est fantastique
Mathematics, it's fantastic

The incredible saga of mathematics! Who invented it? What is the link between the number Pi and cooking? Are some people really born with a mathematical brain while others are not?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.
Avez-vous bien dormi ? Tout savoir sur le sommeil
Did you sleep well? Everything there is to know about sleep

Sleep is essential for physical and cerebral development. In fact, do we sleep enough? How do sleep cycles work? What is sleepwalking?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.