Curieux Bégin

( Season 14 )
In "Curieux Bégin" we explore cooking and wine... The food-loving presenter and actor Christian Bégin delights our tastebuds, taking us, recipe-by-recipe, to meet fine food enthusiasts. Features plenty of inspiring characters, laughter and good humour.

Presenter: Christian Bégin.


Jeunes chefs pour vieilles gourmandes
Young chefs for old foodies

Christian delights three highly experienced ladies: France Castel, Louise Latraverse and Shirley Théroux. They sample culinary delights in the company of four chefs from the new generation.

Presenter: Christian Bégin.
Poisson d'ici
Local fish

To avoid needing to source pangasius or tilapia, we bring you recipes using local fish. We meet the fishmonger Alain Pronkin as well as Marc de Canck and Helena Loureiro.

Presenter : Christian Bégin.
Latin American flavours

We sample Peruvian cuisine, which stands out on the global culinary scene from that of its neighbour Chile. We also meet the globetrotter Vanessa Pilon, the presenter Maria Sanz and chefs Marcel Larrea and Nicolas Salina.

Presenter: Christian Bégin.