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La Haute-Provence de Jean Giono
The Haute-Provence of Jean Giono

Between the Alps and the Verdon, remote and little-known, Haute-Provence is the land of the writer Jean Giono. A dry, wind-swept country. A writer nurtured by the flavours of this Provençal land to become one of the most popular authors of the 20th century.
Sète, berceau marin de Paul Valéry
Sète, a maritime cradle for Paul Valéry

A narrow strip of land between the Mediterranean and the Étang de Thau, the town of Sète was the birthplace of Paul Valéry. Its historical districts, crossed by colourful canals and its narrow streets justly earned it the name of the Venice of Languedoc.
Islande, le voyage de Jules Verne
Iceland, a voyage by Jules Verne

For Jules Verne, the volcano Snaefellsjökull, three hours from Reykjavik, was the entrance to the centre of the earth. This monster, with its terrifying majesty, set the scene for the "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". Adventures that the author set in a land he had however never visited.
Savoie, les promenades de Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Savoie, as explored by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Savoie is the land of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's heart. An enchanting land of valleys, lakes and mountains that stretched out around the town of Chambéry. Its peaceful majesty captivated the phi-losopher, who settled there, on the threshold of his twenties, to follow his childhood love.
La Corse de Guy de Maupassant
The Corsica of Guy de Maupassant

With its villages clinging to vertiginous hillsides and its nature in a thousand different colours, Corsica dazzled Guy de Maupassant. After his first literary successes, Corsica appeared to the young Maupassant as the most exotic of destinations: totally wild. An island that inspired several of his short stories.
Procida, l'île amoureuse de Lamartine
Procida, Lamartine's island of love

Between Naples and the imposing island of Ischia appeared Procida, discovered by Alphonse Lamartine in 1811. He found refuge there following a storm, aged 18. Volcanic rocks rising dramatically out of the sea, narrow streets clinging to the hillsides, luxuriant gardens behind age-old walls; the romantic young author was conquered.