Epicerie Fine, terroir gourmand - vignette

Épicerie fine, terroirs gourmands

( Season 2019 )
Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin presents iconic products associated with France and provides an overview of the experts who work with them. An encounter with passionate food lovers without whom French cuisine would not be what it is today.

Presented by: Guy Martin.


The Sologne Bourbonnaise

The Sologne Bourbonnaise, in the Allier, is a fertile seedbed not only for plants but for small farmers as well. Here traditions are handed-down the generations and continued by town-dwellers moving to the countryside. From market-gardening to plant nurseries, beer and classic delicatessen meats, the Sologne Bourbonnaise is born anew!

Presented by: Guy Martin.
The Bassin de Thau

In the Occitanie region, in southern France, artisanal fishing still continues in the Bassin de Thau as the oyster and mussel farmers busily harvest their shellfish. Between tradition and innovation, flower wines and the renowned seafood "tielle" and mussel "brasucade" bring a new energy to the surrounding area.

Presented by: Guy Martin.