Jardins et loisirs - vignette

Jardins et loisirs

( Season 2020 )
Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens. Floral compositions, visits to private gardens, the rhythm of the seasons and the various topics of this programme are enjoyable and useful to all.

Hosted by: Luc Noël.


La mare du martin-pêcheur
The kingfisher's pond

Pierre, an enthusiastic bird-watcher, gardens with his camera close to hand, photos that he shares on the social networks. Borders, orchard, vegetable garden and pond, each area of the garden makes the perfect spot for observing the birds. One of his most memorable encounters: a kingfisher perched above the pond.

Presented by: Luc Noël.
Mixed borders, just like in England

Martine has surrounded her house with long borders. And as she particularly appreciates the English style of gardening, she has filled them with a concentration of roses, delphiniums, clematis, campanulas, phlox and many other herbaceous perennials in pastel shades. Flower borders that are visible from the kitchen.

Presented by: Luc Noël.