Les saisons de Pique-assiette - vignette

Les saisons de Pique-assiette

( Season 3 )
Annick Jeanmairet shares the delights of regional dishes or products cooked with ingredients harvested month by month, even in the depths of winter. Osso buco with wild garlic, cabbages, citrus fruit... One imperative rule: to rediscover the flavour of the seasons. And always with a grand chef in the kitchen.

Presented by: Annick Jeanmairet.


Soupe au pistou
Pistou soup

The difference between pesto and pistou? Pistou contains neither pine nuts nor parmesan, but a lot of garlic: six cloves compared to a single clove for pesto, for the same quantity of basil. And it isn't eaten with pasta but diluted in a bowl of soup...

Guest: Jérôme Manifacier, chef at the restaurant Le Quai (Hermance).

Presented by: Annick Jeanmairet.