Partir autrement en famille

( Season 7 )
A practical programme on sustainable family tourism for holidays off the beaten track the kids will adore, however grown-up they may be! Well-known figures from Quebec and their families enjoy direct contact with people whose lives are very different, and discover a totally new human and cultural experience.

Directed by: Yvonne Defour, Amélie Dussault, Yanick Legrand (Canada, 2020)


Japon - Bishamon House
Japan - Bishamon House

During their stay on the island of Honshu, Anick Lemay and her daughter Simone test the refined sophistication of Japanese traditions, from kendo to thermal baths and making sake, all in a setting that reveals the charms of a Japan tourists rarely see.

Directed by: Amélie Dussault (Canada, 2020)
Japon - Ayabe Yoshimizu
Japan - Ayabe Yoshimizu

Anick and Simone stay with pig farmers in a village on the island of Honshu, and discover a way of life that enables them to discover the otherworldly beauty of the Kyoto countryside

Directed by: Amélie Dussault (Canada, 2020)