Une brique dans le ventre - vignette

Une brique dans le ventre

( Season 2020 )
In addition to the houses, apartments and lofts of various styles and prices which Cédric Wautier shows us through his many visits, this programme about homes offers legal, practical, technical, energy and aesthetic advice, without forgetting the part about the all-important DIY "tricks".

Hosted by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.


École de village restaurée près de Houffalize
Renovated village school near Houffalize

A remarkable result for the renovation of this village school dating from 1870. Jeanne and Amaury used the most environmentally-friendly materials possible. Weekend in Brussels: the Jam Hotel offers a contemplative immersion "made in Japan". Legal affairs with a look at Izimi, the virtual safe.

Presented by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.