Afghanistan/ Ida/Gaz/Pandémie/Enseigner autrement/Sieste
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( Season 2021 )
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Afghanistan/ Ida/Gaz/Pandémie/Enseigner autrement/Sieste
27 min
Programme summary:

- The Americans leave Afghanistan
- The Afghans fleeing abroad, a former minister becomes a courier
- USA, the devastation caused by hurricane Ida in Louisiana
- Gas price rise: a geopolitical problem
- Covid-19, the pandemic could be deadly in Europe between now and December 2021
- Back to school: a different way of teaching?
- The afternoon nap, a way of life and a source of inspiration for artists

Guest: Daniel Favre, neurobiologist, professor in education sciences, author of numerous books on education including "Reconnecter l'École avec le Vivant" (published by Dunod).

Presented by: Valérie Tibet.