Procès attentats 2015/Ukraine/G7/Immigration/Avortement/Silence
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Procès attentats 2015/Ukraine/G7/Immigration/Avortement/Silence
27 min
Programme summary:

- France, verdict in the 13 November 2015 terrorist attacks trial
- Ukraine, missile attack on the Kremenchuk shopping centre
- The G7 seeks allies against Putin's Russia
- Immigration tragedies in San Antonio and Melilla
- USA, abortion is no longer a federal right
- France, should the right to abortion be written into the Constitution?
- Well-being: in search of lost silence

Guest: Bertrand Charles, businessman, author of the book "Les Chemins de la Décivilisation. Pratiquer l'immersion profonde en nature pour renouer avec la Terre" (published by Payot).

Presented by : Valérie Tibet.