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Au bout de l'enquête, la fin du crime parfait ?

( Season 2022 )
They are all cases that were closed, considered unsolvable, sometimes resisting police efforts for decades until a forgotten clue, an unhoped-for witness or a forensic innovation finally made it possible to unmask the culprit. Alongside Marie Drucker, the criminologist Alain Bauer explains the technical, psychological, sociological or historical elements involved.

Presented by: Marie Drucker.


Affaire de Vaux-le-Pénil, les disparus, le cabanon et l'assassin
Vaux-le-Pénil, when a family disappears without trace

One Sunday in September 1995, Donald, Stéphanie and their two children leave their house in Vaux-le-Pénil, just south of Paris, and disappear. No-one seems concerned. No investigation is launched. It takes Stéphanie's mother several months and all her determination to finally persuade the police to look into the case.

Presented by: Marie Drucker.
With the criminologist Alain Bauer.