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Le dessous des cartes

( Season 2023 )
International relations analysed using geography maps, which are vital to understanding the world in which we live and the challenges it presents.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.


Golfe Persique : la mer du Moyen-Orient
Persian Gulf: the Middle Eastern sea

A highly-strategic geopolitical region, the Persian Gulf concentrates the majority of the world's oil reserves. At the entrance to this small, semi-enclosed sea the Strait of Hormuz forms one of the most sensitive points for international trade, separating Iran on one side from the Arabian Peninsula on the other.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.
Lebanon: other people's wars

For over forty years, Lebanon has frequently been an echo chamber for Middle Eastern conflicts: PLO guerrillas, Iranian and Saudi Arabian rivalry, the Syrian civil war, the Israel-Hamas conflict. The cause is notably due to a political system that encourages a culture of sectarianism, often leading to foreign interference.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.