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Objectif Monde

( Season 2022 )
"Objectif Monde" proposes special reports and investigations into societal or geopolitical issues, taking the time to analyse the situations thanks to different specialist opinions. This TV5MONDE programme is produced with French-speaking partners (RTBF, RTS, Radio-Canada, France Télévisions) and the support of the public French-speaking media.

Presentation: Dominique Laresche.


À la conquête de l'espace
The conquest of space

NASA's resumption of manned flights to the Moon, the launch of the Jupiter space probe Juice, an exploratory mission to Mars: there are increasing numbers of major space projects being planned around the world. Even billionaires are joining in. Why such sudden effervescence? Should Europe develop its own space programme?

Guest: Xavier Pasco, director of the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique.

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.