5e rang

( Season 1 )
The eldest of five sisters and dedicated heir to the family farm, Marie-Luce's world turns upside down on the death of her husband Guy, his body found half-eaten body in the pig pen. A dramatic discovery that perturbs the tranquillity of those closest to him and everyone living in Valmont.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Maude Guérin (Marie-Luce), Martine Francke (Marie-Louise), Julie Beauchemin (Marie-Christine), Catherine Renaud (Marie-Jeanne), Ève Duranceau (Marie-Paule), Maxime De Cotret (Réginald), Marie-Ève Milot (Julie), Frédéric Pierre (Nicolas), Julie Roussel (Gladys), Julie Du Page (Sophie), François Papineau (Charles)
Genre: drama


5E RANG -EP002
Episode 2

After the gruesome discovery of Guy's body in the pig pen, Kim and Simon are totally shattered. Should they tell or try to spare Marie-Luce, move the body and thus save the farm? The planned family reunion looks to be more complicated than expected.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP003
Episode 3

Julie, Marie-Luce's eldest daughter, who lives in Munich, returns to the farm. How will she react when she learns the truth about her father's unexpected death? Simon is particularly upset by all that's happened.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP004
Episode 4

Marie-Luce notices that her medication has disappeared. Sophie arrives in Valmont to investigate Guy's death and notably suspects Fred, whilst the latter believes Marie-Jeanne is responsible.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP005
Episode 5

In Valmont, it's the day of Guy's funeral. Will he be allowed to go in peace? Meanwhile war has been declared between Réginald and Charles. Sophie continues her investigation and murder is rapidly becoming the most likely theory.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)