( Season 5 )
Kader and Adeline have finally taken the plunge and begin a new chapter of working even better together. But in their private life, like at work, the couple don't always see eye to eye. A 5th season at a crossroads with some great surprises in store!


Episode 5: What Kader wants

In response to his mother's plea for help, Eddy breaks into a flat to recover a mysterious package. While he is there he witnesses a murder. Although he is no longer in the police, Kader agrees to get involved in the investigation, a decision that Adeline does not like.

Directed by: Chris Briant (season 5, France, 2017)
Screenplay: Lionel Olenga, Julien Anscutter, Julie-Anna Grignon
La fièvre du vendredi soir
Episode 6: Friday night fever

Kader is in shock after Adeline leaves and has trouble concentrating on the murder of Sophie Talmon. When he finally manages to bring in two suspects for questioning, he prematurely announces that they are guilty. Is that really the case or was Kader a bit too hasty?

Directed by: Bruno Garcia (season 5, France, 2017)
Screenplay: Nicolas Clément, Soiliho Bodin, Lionel Olenga
Episode 7: Cherif meets Huggy Bear

Cherif makes a connection between his investigation and an episode from `Starsky and Hutch'. He falls into a trap and when he comes to after a blow to the head there is Huggy Bear in front of him, but he is the only one that can see and hear him.

Directed by: Karim Ouaret (season 5, France, 2017)
Screenplay: Nicolas Robert, Lionel Olenga
Au coeur du crime
Episode 8: At the heart of the crime

Doucet is participating in a show filmed by a local TV channel when a journalist collapses: she has just been stabbed with a pair of scissors. She was seated at the time of death. Traces are found in her dressing room, and the name Cécile is written on the mirror.

Directed by: Karim Ouaret (season 5, France, 2017)
Screenplay: Nicolas Clément, Lionel Olenga, Soiliho Bodin