Les heures avant la descente

Faits divers

( Season 2 )
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Les heures avant la descente
43 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Episode 6: The hours before the raid

After their last campsite visit, Constance and Jonas have several leads that make them think Paulo and Francine were responsible for Maurice Lauzon's death. But it's difficult to charge them without proof. Meanwhile, the squad prepares to arrest Eddy Bazin. Who'll catch him first, the police or the Lauzon clan?

Directed by: Stéphane Lapointe (season 2, Canada, 2018)
Screenplay: Joanne Arseneau
Cast: Isabelle Blais (Constance Forest), Fred-Éric Salvail (Antoine Chevrier-Marseau), Émile Proulx-Cloutier (Frédérik Bérubé), Maxime Mailloux (Jonas), Patrick Hivon (Sylvain Lauzon), Rachel Graton (Rachelle Lauzon), Alexandre Goyette (Jimmy O'Connor), Luc Senay (Paulo Fauteux), Chantal Baril (Francine Bienvenue), Roger Léger (Maurice Lauzon), Alexa-Jeanne Dubé (Zoé Forest), Guy Nadon (Serge Forest)
Genre: thriller
Awards: best director of a drama series, best casting director at the 2019 Gémeaux
Parental guidance: not recommended for children under the age of 10 (-10)