Hit by a car, a young woman wakes up in hospital with a complete loss of memory. She may no longer know who she is, but the police think they have finally found Marina, a little girl kidnapped eleven years earlier. But is she really Marina?

Directed by: Karim Ouaret (France, 2020)
Screenplay: Delinda Jacobs
Cast: Thibault de Montalembert (Laurent), Clotilde Courau (Hélène), Salomé Dewaels (Marina/Alex), Marie Denarnaud (Victoire Eberhart), Olivier Rabourdin (Paul), Manuel Severi (Jonathan), Lionel Erdogan (Loïc), Fantine Harduin (Éléonore), Laëtitia Eïdo (Selma), Bruni Makaya (Maël), Pascal Rénéric (Sully)
Genre: detective