( Season 3 )
Léo and Cindy discover everyday life as a newly married couple. And when baby Paul arrives, they also have to cope with all the complications being parents brings. But even so Léo has no intention of abandoning his projects and continues working on them with his friend Chabot.

Directed by: Jean-François Chagnon (season 3, Canada, 2020)
Screenplay: Fabien Cloutier, Claude Lalonde, Steve Laplante, Erika Soucy, Sonia Cordeau
Cast: Fabien Cloutier (Léo), Steve Laplante (Chabot), Julien Poulin (Yvon), Marie-Laurence Moreau (Cindy), Julien Poulin (Yvon), Sylvie de Morais Nogueira (Karine), Hubert Proulx (Pouliot), Micheline Bernard (Ginette)
Genre: dramedy