( Season 1 )
The first French television series were produced in the 1960s by the public service network. "Teleclub" invites you to discover, or rediscover, some of them with context provided by actress Fanny Ardant to put the airing of each episode in its era.


Les Dames de la côte (2) : L'escalier des adieux (1913-1914)
The Women of the Coast (2): Farewell to all (1913-1914)

In Paris, Fanny has fallen for Henri Decourt, Marcel and Raoul's father, a romance rapidly ended by the family. Meanwhile Blanche is in love with René, La Thouroude's coachman. Georgette, now known as Dora de Vendeuil, is spending a few days in Deauville with the man who keeps her.

Directed by: Nina Companeez (France, 1979)
Cast: Edwige Feuillère, François Fabian, Denise Grey, Francis Huster, Michel Aumont, Évelyne Buyle, Fanny Ardant
Les Dames de la côte (3) : Les vivantes (1914-1916)
The Women of the Coast (3): The living (1914-1916)

The war has claimed its first victims: with Paul, Émile-Auguste, René all killed on the front. Behind the lines, the women's lives have also dramatically changed. Clara and Fanny have become nursing volunteers, Alix has taken over the cider mill on the departure of her brother Charles, Clémence manages the cheese factory in the absence of her brother Louis. Fanny gives in to Raoul's repeated demands and marries him, more by patriotism than for love.

Directed by: Nina Companeez (France, 1979)
Les Dames de la côte (4) : La grande tourmente (1916-1917)
The Women of the Coast (4): Turmoil and tragedy (1916-1917)

Spring 1916. Blanche brings Louis Hérart back to convalesce at home, at La Thouroude, then returns to the front. Charles, Fanny's father, together with Armand, the Feuilleforte estate manager, have been killed. Unable to bear so much tragedy, Adélaïde Decourt, Raoul and Marcel's grandmother, gives up on life. With Alix having serious problems at the cider mill, Fanny and Marcel become lovers.

Directed by: Nina Companeez (France, 1979)
Les Dames de la côte (5) : L'ivresse (1917-1919)
The Women of the Coast (5): Intoxication (1917-1919)

Clara has remained unconscious since learning of Raoul's death. Filled with remorse, Fanny leaves for Paris. Like many others, she tries to lose herself in alcohol, all-night parties, night clubs and one night stands... But the war continues, relentless. Marcel is declared missing, then Spanish flu kills Marianne, Louis Hérart's wife. The Great War finally ends. Marcel, POW in Germany, returns.

Directed by: Nina Companeez (France, 1979)